Sommerhilsen 2015 til venskabsklubberne


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Sommerhilsen fra Cuxhaven august 2015

Dear friendship club Tondern,

thank you very much for your interesting summer letter, good wishes and the nice pictures. Unfortunately, none of our clubsisters had time to go to Istanbul. But we hope Ruth, Anne, Joan and Lisbeth had a good time with wonderful and interesting experiences and conversations.
Gratulations for your new club member Rika. We wish her the best with SOROPTIMIST.
On the occasion of the International Women´s Day 2015, on the 8th of March, we had a great, successful event in our castle in Cuxhaven. We invited Mrs Harms, the Attorney-General (Bundesgeneralanwältin a.D.), now retired, to give a talk about "Women with Responsibility". She has so far been the only woman to hold this high position in Germany.
In July we had a lot to do for two projects of ours. In August we´ll meet our neighbour-club in Stade and go by boat on the canals through the little town.
So far the summer has often been wet and cold, but we think it will be better now.
With best wishes from SI-D Club Cuxhaven - Stadt und Land
Birgitt Scheffler

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Sommerhilsen fra Strand - Norge


And thanks for nice summer Greetings!

I had planned to fly to Istanbul, but as we invited our daughter, son in law and two grandchildren on a, we realised that the only week we could Get cabins where around that date.!

So we will be in the Medit.but not in Istanbul.


Our club has a Friendshipclub in Riga as well, and we were 16 ladies who visited them last days of April!

As club we try to go abroad every fith year! 


Hope to meet our Tönder sisters in the coming year, we have very good memories from our quite few visits to Tönder over the years. ALWAYS NICE


So far the summer in south of Norway has been chilly, but green, fresh and beautiful,

We wish you all a lovely summer and a good convention in Istanbul.

Best wishes from

Rigmor Hüffmann